I’m ready to talk about the girls…

When we found out about the twins, I went numb. I mean, I’d only recently gotten used to the idea of having another baby. I felt like I’d just begun to recover from Ames’ birth. Intimacy with my husband was getting back to normal. We had recently gotten out of non-mortgage debt. We were finally catching up on sleep. I’d just started a new job that I was crazy about. 
And then one became two – we were having twins. The boy I’d dreamt about (and practically already named) became two girls – something I’d never considered. This was a whole new, scary, expensive, overwhelming world for a woman who plans and prepares & is rarely taken by surprise.
I’ve got close friends who are trying & praying for pregnancies of their own. At first, I struggled with our blessings, trying to balance my own emotions with a tender & grateful heart. I’ve thawed and I’ve thawed, and I’ve finally begun to blossom in this exciting season. I don’t think it’s coincidence that these girls are coming in the springtime. Christopher & I have been through a few dark winters together, and the season that follows has always been one of rejoicing for us.
So here I am – ready to talk about my future daughters.
They are due April 24th, 2011, according to my charting. I think the OB’s office has me down for April 26th. I will deal with the craziness that is “pregnancy with multiples” in a later post, but for now you should know – I do not plan on being a statistic. I’m claiming & planning for these girls to make it to full-term, healthy and of an appropriate birth weight. I’m seeing a whole host of providers, and I’ve got my bases covered. No matter where or how they are born, I will have no regrets. I will know that I have done everything in my power to give them a fighting chance. 
I am my daughters’ sole protector & guardian right now. This is an empowering responsibility, one that I will no longer take lightly. As Chris says, they are the perfect exclamation point of God’s mark on this family. They are numbers six & seven, which symbolizes completion. They will take me to new heights, new challenges, new levels of love and commitment and hard work and sacrifice.

They are my daughters.
They are Laurelei Rose & Isaiah Jane.

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10 thoughts on “I’m ready to talk about the girls…”

  1. I’m praying and believing with you! Full term healthy girls born in God’s perfect timing.
    Thanks for sharing – I’m a bed rest mama to be – and it’s fun and brings me a lot of hope to read about you and your little ones.

  2. love the names! :D (although i had my fingers crossed for kati & lucy… i kid, i kid!!)

    let me know if there is any way i can help in the mean time. this includes, but is not limited to, helping with the pups and/ or other children.

  3. wow that’s the 2nd ‘Lorelei’ name that’s come across my computer in 2 days. Hmm..just as my hubby and I stuck it high on our ‘name a future baby this’ list..

    I’m glad you’re coming around. It’s hard, especially hard considering it will be multiples, and so on.. deep breaths!

  4. This post is so honest it gave me goosebumps. Your daughters are already beautiful. I love your hubs way of thinking on it. The exclamation points on your family. Perfect. A family of 7 will bring you many blessings!

  5. And don’t forget, no matter what you plan, twins have a way of doing their own thing. So don’t let it weigh too heavy on your heart if things don’t go the way you planned. I was disappointed in myself that I had to have a c-section because I wanted to birth my boys vaginally. I was disappointed in myself when I had PPD and wasn’t able to enjoy or make it past two weeks of breastfeeding.

    But when I look back on it I realize none of those little things matter when you see them playing with each other :)

    And I love your name choices…my boys are Julian and Isaiah!

  6. I love your name choices! I love reading your blog, it is so inspiring to a future first time mommy. Much luck and I can’t wait to read more about your pregnancy :)

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