his words are the sweetest

put a fork in me… 
If you’re familiar with his songwriting ability, then you know what this means. 
Check out his Valentine’s Day post right here.
In other news, I recently disovered the Lovely Letter on etsy. When I was pregnant with Ames, Chris bought me a beautiful locket as a “push present.” I wear it almost every day, usually with my rings on it (the hospital is a dirty place + Momma now has preggo sausage fingers). I’ve been trying to figure out something to add to the necklace in honor of the sisters, and I think these stamped charms are perfect!
[spoiler alert: one of the twin’s names will start with this letter]
Hope y’all are having a beautiful Tuesday! The sun is out and I still have two chocolate-covered strawberries left over from Valentine’s Day. Cheers!
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6 thoughts on “his words are the sweetest”

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  2. that stamped charm is beautiful! i love it.

    ha, i checked out your husband’s blog.
    cool place! i love how he wrote about your belly. :)

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