headband bonanza, part 1 – sponsor giveaway!

Today, I’m over at Mama & the Dudes, talking about life with twins. Mandey is a twin mama herself, and I’ve heavily relied on her as a resource throughout the last several months. Read the post & say hello to another twin family with an Isaiah!
Let’s talk HEADBANDS, y’all. 
I never knew what I was missing out on, raising boys. These little lambs are so much fun to dress! The head gear is by far my favorite part. There are so many different types of headbands, and they can really jazz up a onesie. I also love headbands for myself, although I must have a big head… I get a headache from the plastic ones. I just stick with stretchy bands & scarves.
So far, I’ve got two great sponsors offering up headbands this month on the blog. It’s a “Headband Bonanza!” First up, Chickiedee.

you can always find the shop’s button over there in the sponsors section –>
Meet RobbieLee. I’ll let her share a bit about herself first…
I’m a wife, graphic designer and crafter who lives in beautiful Colorado.  My husband and I don’t have children at the moment, but we do have two hyper Blue Heeler pups (Frankie and Tucker) and a 20 lb. cat named Brutus James.  I like to snowboard, wakeboard and be outside when I’m not working in the studio.  Oh, and pigeons are really my favorite bird!

When RobbieLee approached me about sponsorship, I was thrilled. I mean, the girl loves pigeons & she sews cute stuff for babies & mamas! I find it especially charming that she started doing this when she was a nanny. Imagine how great her kids will look if/when she & her husband decide to add to their own family!

Isn’t this headband cute? Chickiedee is giving it to one of you! All you have to do is leave your name & email address. I’ll draw a winner Saturday (8/13). Thanks. Be sure to say hello on the Chickiedee blog!

37 thoughts on “headband bonanza, part 1 – sponsor giveaway!”

  1. I’ve never worn headbands, but this is really cute, makes me want to give it a try! jill.shoemaker at gmail. com (that’s my name, too)

  2. That headband is so cute! I’ve recently started trying to craft my own hair clips and headbands – it’s a totally new craft territory for me!

  3. That headband is so cute! and FYI, most plastic headbands give me a headache, but in the summer heat i can’t stand to have my bangs sticking to my sweaty forehead (attractive, eh?) and my sister turned me onto Goody Ouchless headbands and they are totally awesome. No more headaches!

  4. I wore headbands as a kid all the time and am rediscovering them, cute!

    LiveBreatheHuzzah at gmail.com

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