happy birthday, avery!

There was a mountain trip with his mom, a mani/pedi adventure with his stepmonster, an amusement park visit with his dad, his favorite dinner, family video game night, and his first phone… an iPhone.

I’d say Christopher Avery enjoyed his eleventh birthday.

This kid is growing into such a cool human being. He’s thoughtful, he’s helpful, and he loves his family. If only we could get him to take better care of his poor body… the boy is fearless, and he’s got the scratches and bruises to show for it. After a little convincing, he was all too happy to accompany me on a pedicure trip. He quickly grew accustomed to the bubbling foot bath and the hand massages. I laughed out loud when his technician looked up at me in horror and said, “He has mud and blood under his nails!” That’s our Avery, forever and always. Let’s bring on year eleven, shall we?

P.S. Thanks to Personal Creations 

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