getting ready: life lately

Toenail painting.
Neighbor playing.
Rope walking.
Insect zapping.
Dessert night driving.
Cornhole throwing.
Potty training.
Bagel shop frequenting.
Living room worshipping.
Tantrum throwing.
Sibling snuggling.
Bedroom re-arranging.
Camp attending.
Hair bow wearing.
Tree swinging.
Peach juice slobbering.

Preparing for this baby in the best way we know how…
life as usual.

8 thoughts on “getting ready: life lately”

  1. I remember a post you did a while back about dreaming of the sisters being able to walk with a rope, so happy o see their progress and the rope walking!

  2. Rachael,

    How incredibly sweet! love the toenail painting… most precious thing ever! And look at the girls walk! :-)

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