eeek – a mouse!

It started with a few haunting sounds in the middle of the night. Next we found some… droppings, as well as a few chewed carrot stubs and other things left on plates in the kitchen. The final straw, though, was the sighting. Or was it three sightings?

Every now and then, we’d come across this tiny, cute furball of a mouse that seemed to want to engage us but was too afraid. Like, he or she would literally back up and stare at us from a doorway, and then take off. The boys spent nearly an hour one night chasing it, but it disappeared. That’s about the time I got scared just to walk to the bathroom at night, turning on every light and stomping loudly enough to wake the neighbors. So we decided to put an end to the mouse dilemma.

We ordered two of these guys from Amazon and surprisingly, they arrived the next day! I guess the good Lord knew we were getting a little anxious to be mouse-free. We set them up that night, one in the kitchen and one in the family room. By the time my alarm went off the next morning, we’d caught our first mouse! I woke Chris up and had him show all of the kids. It wasn’t even 6:30am yet, so I’m sure everyone loved that. Daddy and Ames took the trap out to the woods and left it for a few hours, so the mouse could eat his way to freedom in peace. A good time was had by all.

And that’s where the excitement ends. We haven’t caught a single mouse since, and it’s been two weeks. Is it possible we only had one? I was sure an army had moved in. But alas, no droppings or chewed food or noises in the night. Maybe it was just that cute little guy after all!

6 thoughts on “eeek – a mouse!”

  1. you are so much more humane than we are! we found a mouse in our kitchen last fall and I made my husband drive 20 min to a 24 hr walmart to get a trap. it’s been so long and I’m STILL afraid to open open up the cabinet under the sink where we found it. I’m deathly afraid of them! I’ll smash a spider with my bare hands but a mouse? Gives me nightmares!

  2. mice! thumbs down.
    i guess its possible only one. when we had “them” we put the traps out and within 5 minutes SNAP. reset, walk away, 5 more minutes… SNAP… and then not another mouse. perhaps we should have gotten this friendlier variety.

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  3. We used the same trap as you! And we only had one mouse. Everyone told us that was virtually impossible, and that where there is one there are more, but seriously, we caught the mouse and released him and never saw another mouse or droppings ever again. That was about 5 years ago too!

  4. They make a freaking mess. We only had one. We used a snap trap. PG with 2 kids and my husband gone for a week. No way could I just ‘release’ one, it would come right back in. I know, others will think it’s cruel, but I really just couldn’t tolerate it. There is still at least one place we need to clean out. It took HOURS just to clean up the mess from like 2 days of it not being caught. HOURS.

  5. Thanks for sharing the link to where you found the humane mouse traps! I’m fairly certain we’ve got a furry guest living in our home, too, and I can’t bring myself to let the hubs get a traditional mouse trap. These are an awesome alternative.

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