choosing instead


Since he shows no signs of ditching the threenager act any time soon, I’ve decided to take some time to focus on my son’s better qualities. When I find myself wanting to throw Ames Emmanuel out of the window, I will choose instead to stare at photos of his dirty, beautiful face. I will choose instead to be grateful for this precious gift.


He introduces himself as AMES… LIKE AMES WIFFOUT DA JAY.

He doesn’t want a haircut until Lucas gets one.

He plays quietly and independently after waking.

He uses cute phrases like I SURE CAN when asked to do something.

He has the world’s smallest nearly-four-year-old feet.

He loves babies, especially his younger sisters.

He has his daddy’s (and big brother Avery’s) legs.

He expresses his thanks for the simplest of things, like groceries.

He has a memory like nobody I’ve ever met.

He can dress himself and enjoys picking out his clothes.

He calls me Momma, and he gives me grace.

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8 thoughts on “choosing instead”

  1. I have a threenager also, and so needed to see this today. I will also try your method and try to focus on the good when wanting to toss him out the window, which happens about every 5 minutes lately… :). Thank you!

    1. I always joke that he needs to keep that stuff quiet, or people will think we aren’t feeding our kids!

  2. i have a threenager who is two. :) it’s going to be a long few years. haha. but she is great. and i love your list! i especially love how he introduces himself. my girl will sometimes say “I’m Amelia Bedelia!” :) this is such a great idea to do though. i’m going to try it. ;)

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