BLANQIgirls Pregnancy Bodystyler Review…

I think most mamas experience that perfect season of pregnancy… belly bumps are cute & round, clothes still fit, and faces glow to high heaven. This is also the time when we feel beautiful and powerful and photo-worthy. And for the most part, we’re not uncomfortable.
I guess the twins decided to skip that season for me. I’ve been pretty large & in charge the whole time. Clothes are my nemesis. I’m thankful to wear scrubs to work. My face has not glowed. Instead, it has paled to a ghostly shade and showcased some dark eye circles, thanks to my low iron and poor sleep. I do not feel beautiful and powerful and photo-worthy, and I’m certainly not comfortable. I spend hours digging two pairs of feet out from under my ribs, and I use my arms as a cradle to physically carry my aching belly around.
One product has single-handedly saved the day when it comes to most of the aforementioned issues… the bodystyler by BLANQIgirls.
Read about all of its wonderful features here:

About halfway through this pregnancy, I was hurtin’ for some type of belly support. After traipsing through several baby stores, though, I became skeptical. Most of the options looked like the gear construction workers wear. How was I supposed to fit belts with straps under my clothes? And don’t even get me started on that cradle thing that threads through your crotch like a jock strap. I was not interested in buying several of these contraptions, only to be disappointed that they didn’t offer the support I needed.
When a friend suggested I check out BLANQI on Twitter, I became intrigued. This looked like it could be a great option for me. A supportive tank that lifts and smooths? A stretchy undergarment that would last through my entire pregnancy and beyond? A longer, belly & bum-covering option for the clothes I was quickly outgrowing? Sign me up!!
BLANQIgirls was kind enough to send me a bodystyler to review. What a small world… Valerie actually came to my area to visit family, and she was able to meet up with Chris for the hand-off!
I put it on and fell head-over-heels. I have not gone a work-shift without it since! My belly is noticeably lighter & less sore, and I don’t have to constantly adjust my clothes to keep things appropriately covered. I am so impressed. I highly recommend! Check out BLANQI on Facebook & Twitter.
When BLANQI asked me to do a video review of their product, I was all too excited to share about the love affair I’ve developed with this magic tank top. That being said, this is my first video review. Yikes! I know I sound cheesy, but I promise I’m not reading off of cue cards or anything. My faithful old Macbook couldn’t keep up with my mouth, so I had to leave it out of the shot. And of course, I normally wear clothes over the bodystyler. Just tryin’ to show what it looks like! Anyway, here goes!

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