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As I climbed the stairs to get them up from nap time, I saw a flash of red. Little legs motored back in to the girls’ room, but this could not be unseen. Nail polish. I stood just inside their room, frozen solid for several minutes. I could not speak. This woman who rarely loses her words? Lost them.┬áThe girls were covered in the stuff. Thankfully, they had chosen to paint only themselves. There were two areas of the carpet that appeared ruined, from where they’d set up beauty shop. But the furniture and clothes had been spared. Thank you, Jesus.

I tried to gather my thoughts. Where is the bottle, girls? IN DISSTROEWAH. The stroller is not here. Where is the bottle of nail polish? IN DISSTROEWAH. Finally, I found it. Empty, cap replaced, in the exact same position they’d found it. Tucked away, in this drawer. I couldn’t help but smile. Their southern accents, their attempts to clean up after themselves. It didn’t take months or years for this to become a sweet memory. I was already there.

It was my fault. I’d found the bottle just recently and made a mental note to remove it from the nursery, now that the girls are more mobile and mischievous. We’d used it on their toes over the summer, but it probably needed to come downstairs. I decided to wait until I found time to clean their entire room, as I couldn’t be bothered to remove a lone bottle of polish. And I certainly couldn’t leave it on their dresser. They might discover it in a moment of bravery. And clutter makes me grumpy. No, I tucked it right back where I found it, inside the drawer. They’d never gone digging before. Surely I could get away with it for a few more days.

It eventually came off of their little bodies, although the carpet might never be the same. Nothing a few rugs can’t cover, though, while we dream big for an eventual nursery makeover. Mostly, I’m just really excited that I didn’t lose it. Silly or not, it’s true. There was no yelling, no shaming, no stomping. I was proud. The momma from a few years back would have created a big scene and some big regrets. Chris kept giving me the side-eye after it happened, just to be sure I wasn’t “fixin’ to blow.” The Lord has done so much in the part of my heart that’s afraid of motherhood. I’ve got stained smiles and stained carpet to prove it.

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  1. I did something very similar as a babe, except it was a tube of lipstick that I discovered. I’m glad the internet didn’t exist back then because I know my Mamma would have shared the photo for others to see. And to be clear, I’m not shaming you for sharing this photo — I’m glad you did. Too funny! :)

  2. This happened to us (my two year old daughter and me) last night for the second time, and today it was eyeshadow. I’m sad to say I lost it a bit…God willing next time- as I’m sure there will be a next time- I’ll be able to hold it together a little better!

  3. Man, am I loving your posts lately! I only have two, but two is the right number for me. They keep my head spinning day in and day out as I try to find the grace to encourage their spirit and maintain some sanity and the same time :)

    I’m doing my best to remember that these days are few and to appreciate them, even the tough ones. I find comfort in your words of encouragement and understanding. Its nice to hear a familiar feeling out there.

  4. The entire episode makes me grin…I can totally see my middle doing the exact same so I’ve hidden all things that could create such a scenario (ha!). I bet those two had THE BEST time painting each other and the only thing that made it better was how you handled it. Twins: 1 Mom: 1 – a good tie! Yay you. I too am getting more and more relaxed. I took Ave to pick up K in the carpool in nothing but her undies because she refused to get dressed. Picking my battles.

  5. I thought I ruined our carpeting when I accidentally knocked my box of nail polishes from a shelf in our closet. Three bright red bottles broke all over our cream carpeting. My MIL told me to call Servepro. The company came out the next day and the managed to clean it all!! I cannot reccomend it enough!! Great story! I love reading your blog- I look forward to during our early morning BFin sessions! Xo

  6. That is the most encouraging thing I’ve heard in a long time–that you didn’t lose it like you might have years ago. Thank you for sharing that!!

  7. Not beauty products but I decided when my parents were trying to sell our house that the walls upstairs (painted a lovely white) were dull and needed “prettying up” So I took my lovely magic markers (back before they were washable) and drew pictures on the entire upstairs hallway walls so that the house would sell “better” (as I told my parents)

    They had to put wood panelling up in order to make it right and finally sell the house… LOL
    Things you never forget, memories for sure!

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