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To this day, I’ve yet to feed the girls a bottle. That is 100% Christopher’s department of expertise. For the sake of milk supply and convenience, they get it straight from the tap when I’m around… which is why I had to laugh when I first opened the package Comotomo sent us. Inside were two of their “new natural feel baby bottles.” We’ve been using them exclusively for about a month now. As for my own personal review, I had to default to Chris. I sent him a text message, asking him to give me some feedback.

There’s a natural feel, alright! The entire bottom portion is made of flexible silicone and is very squishy. Because the girls are older, I can’t vouch for the claim that they reduce colic. But they do not leak, like our other flexible silicone bottles do. I also like that they are easy to break down and clean. There aren’t a lot of confusing parts. The chance for mold and mildew seems to be slim to none! Comotomo is still very new, but this cute little video should give you an idea of their product…
The folks at Comotomo have kindly offered up a giveaway on the blog, too! One of you will win a starter kit: three bottles (color & size of your own choosing), one 3-hole nipple pack, & one variable flow nipple pack. 
To enter, “Like” their Facebook page. Then leave me a note below. 
I’ll draw a winner next Saturday. Thanks, and have a great weekend!

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  1. Just liked them. We’ve been using a breastflow (too much milk gets trapped) and an Adiri (I like it but it tends to leak unless your really careful) So I’m ready to try something new!

  2. We haven’t done a bottle yet but this sounds like one I would love to introduce with! How cool that a new company sought you out to trial and review.

  3. I have my first baby on the way, due in one week, and I don’t like typical bottles at all. There are none in my house and I don’t plan on using them but I was just gifted a breast pump and I think with the right kind of bottle we can make a workable system for the occasions we can’t be together 100% of the time. I’d love to try these out and see how they work! They seem to lack the things I hate most about typical store bought bottles. I liked them on facebook =]

  4. I liked them on Facebook! (mcbcarlisle at gmail dot com)

    I always like to try a new “like mom” bottle since I nursed and pumped with both of my boys. :)

  5. Just liked them on fb :) I want to try these so bad, but they’re so expensive! We’re about to have our first little one & would love to win these. Thanks so much!

  6. I liked them. Oddly enough, my friend recently posted to FB “What to do, what to do…I have tried Dr. Browns, 2 differet playtex bottles, gerber bottles, MAM’s and Medela bottles and Connor is still having a hard time drinking from any of those…” … I sent her to your blog and to the FB.

  7. I liked em on facebook…I would love to try these with Luke-he prefers the boob and he literally fights the bottle when I’m at work…even at 6 months.

  8. I have read so many good reviews about this bottle, and so many great reviews on their facebook page as well. I am thrilled about the chance to win a few bottles to try on with my new one due in June. So excited, thanks for the chance to win. :)

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