Five things on a Friday.

Parenting hacks.

1. This cooking spray works as a moisturizer for freshly bathed babies. Your little ones can simply spread arms and legs and turn slowly while you load it on like sunscreen, pat it in, and send them on their merry ways. Beware of the greasy floor, but it’s nothing a little towel or dog tongue can’t fix.

2. Pajamas and toothbrushes should accompany you on evening outings. Friend’s house? The pool? Church function? Fancy restaurant? Just kidding, maybe. But for real, taking five minutes to get kids ready in someone’s else’s bathroom before the return trip home makes all of the bedtime difference.

3. Never, ever order kids’ meals when you’re at a sit-down restaurant. Well, I mean, you can. But you don’t have to. Try a big appetizer or one entree for the little ones to share. This might save you money and help your babies grow to enjoy new foods, eating a little of whatever the grown-ups can’t finish.

4. Lay out everything the night before. I mean, EVERYTHING. While you’re tucking your kids in (or just throwing air kisses across the room because you just can’t with story time tonight), arrange every single article of clothing for tomorrow on the floor, including shoes and jackets. Apply toothpaste to toothbrushes, place the hair stuff within reach, the whole nine. It makes the before-dawn hustle so much easier.

5. Sign up for vacation bible schools. As many as you can. My best friend taught me to research early (like late winter) and set alarms for registration. Do it! And don’t feel pressured to volunteer. If you’re already serving elsewhere in life, use the time to work or rest! (Do consider sponsoring a child from your kid’s school, specifically low-income families who might not have access to internet or know about the magic of VBS, as well as donating to whatever generosity drive the church is doing.)