What an incredible week!

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We started last week with some beautifully intense team meetings, to prepare for the next season of the Influence Network. We finished it out with over three hundred women worshipping alongside each other to close our conference. Overall, I’d say it was a pretty incredible week.

I enjoyed some adult time away from house/family responsibilities. There were daily showers and warm food that I got to eat with both hands!

I got to see women make a difference in Africa. Our goal was for 75 women to partner with Mocha Club by the end of the weekend, and over 80 women did by the time it was all said and done.

I made some new lifelong friends. Seriously. They jumped off of the internet and into my (figurative… not a hugger, remember?) arms.

The food was amazing. No, seriously. I’ve actually never tasted better food at a catered event.

Lastly, I would absolutely argue that the Holy Spirit tied each speaker’s talk into a greater theme, something that we all walked away from the weekend feeling and acknowledging.

I don’t have to try hard. He gave me grace and a voice. It’s time to build.


2 thoughts on “What an incredible week!”

  1. Loved meeting you this weekend! You are just the cutest thing! I know you and the rest of the core team are super busy throughout but I hope to get to know you better next year.

  2. I’m not a hugger either – not sure where that change came about (probably from working at a church where we couldn’t hug members of the opposite sex, but I digress). Seeing you and your hubby leading worship together was awesome, I really loved having those extra worship experiences. You have a beautiful voice!

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