we’ve got weeds, and i love them

Although it could have come at a cooler time of year, I’ve recently fallen in love with gardening. The sweat, the sun, the dirt… It’s just all so fulfilling. As I mentioned before, I’m attempting my hand at ornamental plants instead of just herbs and vegetables. So far I’ve killed one ground cover plant, but I’ve managed to keep two rose bushes alive. Those hardy things have given me grace, even after two transplants.

Yesterday, I replenished some of the mulch in the front yard. I cleaned everything up first, and I found myself surprised at the amount of weeds that needed removing. I began to smile to myself, as I pulled and He spoke.

These are our weeds. We picked this lot and we built this house. He gave us a season to put down roots, and that’s just what we’re doing. Our hands are the only ones that have pulled weeds here. This little tiny plot of land might not be the ten acres of our dreams, but it’s what we have and it’s been so good to us. He’s been so good to us. This week, I’m thankful for weeds.

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