we’re large and in charge…

my water/sewer bill last month was $30.70

seven people.
two dogs.
three toilets.
four sinks.
two hoses.
one washing machine.
a husband who will never give up his shaths (shower/bath combos).
one son who all but falls asleep during his showers.
another son who sings entire concerts in his.
three cloth diaper loads per week, each with three wash cycles.
somewhere around six loads of other laundry per week.

our lifestyle certainly takes some creativity, some sacrifice, and a lot of the Lord’s favor.
but for those who think kids are too expensive & cloth diapering wastes money….

there ya go.
Edit: I should’ve included that our bill has been as high as $80 in the past.
Age and condition of appliances, as well as geography, certainly affect costs.
My point is that kids/diapers should not. Carry on, y’all!

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  1. Uh, Mrs. Biscuit? $4? where do you live, Mars? We live in the country with RURAL water so a much lower populace, and thus higher bills. Ours is consistently 39-56$ depending on if we’re watering plants or washing diapers or not. $4 is insanely low. even in town ours was consistently $40, and that’s with being UBER conservative (if it’s yellow let it mellow, for instance).. I only flush every 2-3 uses if it’s not poop. You have NO idea how lucky you are!

  2. $30. . . $56. . . $4!!!! I would LOVE to have one of your water bills!
    We have 5 ppl (2 adults, 2 preteens and one infant)here, 2 toilets, 1 hose, 1 washer AND we have drinking/cooking water delivered. Our water bill is around $100 every month + $75 for ten 5 gallon bottles of fluoride free spring water. Where do you all live, and is the house next door for sale!?!

  3. There’s 3 of us and we average $38!! What am I doing wrong?! We did just get a new energy/water efficient washer and dryer. Hopefully that will help?

    Rachael–we live in the same city…haha so you must have some secret!

  4. Water bills have much more to do with where you live as opposed to what you do. You can be super conservative but live in an area that high rates and your bill will still be big. I know our water bill is less than my grandma, who lives alone and hardly every uses water just because of where she lives.

  5. We average about $30-4o a month. We wash diapers everyday, so that’s 14 wash cycles a week. Also, my daughters have an awesome habit of pooping in the tub, so about twice a week we have to fill the tub twice for a single bath (they’re afraid of the shower, but we’re working on that, so we don’t have to keep refilling the tub when they have accidents). I agree that the cost of a water bill has much to do with where you live, but my mom lives less than a mile from me and her water bill usually the same or a little higher than mine, and there are just three adults living there. Much of it has to do with habits. I think that with cloth diapering, I have a constant thought in my mind about how much water we use for washing diapers, so I try to be more conservative elsewhere. Rachael, are there any specific tips or tricks that your family uses that you can share?

  6. GOOD FOR YOU! I hope that the Mommy who was essentially pro disposable diapers on my blog reads this because she figured the extra costs of using “all that water” with cloth diapering wouldn’t be cost effective.


  7. This is awesome, but I have to agree with the commenters who brought up the fact that the city where you live makes a HUGE difference. I have a one bedroom apartment, it’s just my husband and I, no washer dryer, and our water bill is around $25 per month.

  8. How?? How?? How??? Tell us!! We (in Colorado) are a family of 3 (hubby, me, 3-month baby), dog, two cats, cloth diapering…average a water/sewer bill of more like $90 a month!! Eeeep!

  9. We live in the city, 3 people, no pets, 2x loads of laundry, 1 toilet, 1 shower and i shower with the baby instead of giving her a bath and our water/sewer is STILL approx $100 a month!

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