This blog is weird but I love it and I’m back for awhile.

Around December of 2015, I felt a buzzing in my fingers and in my spirit. I had “made it” through a dark season of depression. My family was operating atop a somewhat smooth collection of rhythms and routines. I had transitioned jobs without turmoil and now found myself with more margin and, dare I say it? Free time. I had traveled a bit, was planning to travel a bit more, and felt refreshed. It was time to start writing regularly. I wrote down some goals, one of which was to post weekly, if not more. I even toyed with the idea of no longer writing captions on my Instagram? I think to make me write here more? Thankfully, my best friend and my husband talked me out of that one. Nevertheless, I was ready to write. A lot.

But then January came and the Lord spoke clearly, once I gave him permission. I’ve shared a bit of that story, but God graciously and mercifully gave me a heads-up that life was going to get more difficult in 2016. He gently rebuked me and told me that I was unprepared. He said it was time to put some discipline back into my life in a way that would soften the blow when it came, whatever it was. What’s more, God told me to put speaking and teaching and writing on hold for the time being. He asked me to be faithful in the small and in the daily.

And so I spent 2016 learning how to have a quiet time and actually spend time with Jesus. I went through Holy Yoga teacher training, which I now fondly refer to as “a mini-seminary coupled with a bendy boot camp.” I returned to school to pursue another nursing degree. I developed a regular exercise routine. I spent more time with my kids than ever. I began to build the tiniest beginnings of authentic community with women nearby. I explored new ways to take care of myself as I age. I dug deeper into intimacy with my husband.

The blows came, and Jesus in me handled them, with only a few bruises. My family and I just kept pressing forward, and I shared little snippets as we went. Along the way, you women pointed out that you had been watching all along. Some of you had followed me since I first hopped onto the Internet nearly fifteen years ago, and others were only just now getting to know me. You sent direct messages, emails, and texts. You left comments and asked questions. Mostly, the questions were peppered in amongst a whole bunch of much-appreciated encouragement. But I’ve begun to notice that a lot of them cover similar themes. You want to know how I do this or what I think about that or how my family makes it work.

So recently, I asked the Lord for some clarity, and I think he said to go for it. I asked my husband for his blessing, and he absolutely said to go for it. Over the next few months, I’m going to start writing again. I’m going to share some of the topics near and dear to my heart. I’m going to talk about the rhythmic and the mundane, the routines and the disciplines in my life that seem to bring God the most glory and me the most good right now.*

When I asked you about it on Instagram, you gave me the oomph I needed. Your suggestions were incredible and gave me a head-start on some topics to cover. But as always, I’m open to feedback. Just click the contact form at the top of this page to send me an email. Thanks for all of the grace and the cheerleading and the prayers. I think this is going to be a sweet, sweet journey.


*I can't help but smirk at this a little. I spent the first few years of blogging exploring my feelings, trying to be dramatic and poetic while finding my voice. Then I chronicled new family life, with a wedding and births and breastfeeding. Then I decided I was most definitely NOT a mommy blogger, and I stopped sharing so much as a picture of my kids on this space. The blog is a weird and beautiful thing. I'm grateful the Lord uses it how he sees fit for each season; I'm just here to be obedient.