things my kids say say 4.0/5.0

When forced to leave a playground & his friends one day…
Ames: But I don’t want to have a joyful heart. I want to have an ugly heart!

When asked why he was smiling at Daddy during lunch one day…
Ames: You make my life happy.

8 thoughts on “things my kids say say 4.0/5.0”

  1. Rachael, is there any particular reason you’ve switched you blog up to have only one post per page? I love your blog but read far less regularly since you switched it, just because the constant clicking through breaks up the flow of your writing and allows me to get distracted more quickly. Love your writing, however, keep it up!

    1. Wow, what a lovely surprise to come back and see that you’ve not only read my feedback, but taken it on board! Very glad to be reading one of my favourite blogs with ease again :)

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