the sweet Carolinas: an Influence link-up!

from the archives. September, 2012

I was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina and I haven’t ventured far since. Sure, I’ve traveled as far as Alaska and Europe and even Asia, but I always knew I’d settle down near my roots. This place is just too perfect. We’re only a couple of hours from the beach and the mountains. There’s both urban and country fun to be had within minutes, no matter where you are!

We currently live across the state line in Fort Mill, South Carolina. It might be a different state, but we’re less than thirty minutes from both sets of parents. My husband and I are both Charlotte natives, which is a rare thing around here. After we married, though, we jumped at the opportunity to plant new roots across the border. Once we tasted of the great schools, low taxes, and cheaper land, we were hooked… and I honestly don’t think we’ll ever leave.

God bless the sweet Carolinas!

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14 thoughts on “the sweet Carolinas: an Influence link-up!”

  1. Found you on the linkup! I think if I had to pick anywhere to live SC would be high up on my choices, of all the vacations I have taken I love it in SC!! xox

  2. We’re just on the other side of Charlotte in Mt Holly. My husband and I grew up in the mountains, but have come to love it here, so, so much!

  3. We live in SC too! We love Charlotte and have some close friends moving to Rock Hill at the end of this month! And boy do we love the cheaper taxes and land :)!!!

  4. I have really wanted to visit the Carolinas, especially over the last year or so. Your post makes me want to visit even more! Sounds so amazing.

  5. You forgot to mention that SC has sooooo much cheaper gas than NC… it is out of control! Isn’t great to have grandparents close by grandkids? My kids love spending time with their Grammy and Grandpa Joe and Jibbe!

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