the sling diaries: style

This is the second installment of a six-month series called the Sling Diaries, sponsored by Sakura Bloom. We were sent two slings to review, in exchange for a collection of entries based on different themes each month. I’m excited & honored to be a part of this project!

This month, the challenge is style. Because I feel like my personal style encompasses different dimensions and influences, I decided to focus on one specific element of my wardrobe. I grew up pushing limits with my outfits, trying my hardest to be creative and tasteful and fashionable all at the same time. Over the years, though, I’ve settled into one specific comfortable go-to look that I feel still lends a lot to expression and personal tastes…Jeans & a tee has grown to mean so much for my closet. The combination has become a motherhood staple, too, in that it’s friendly to babywearing & nursing!

I got this Puma tee when I worked there several years ago, and I immediately cut off the shoulders. Here, I paired it with rolled-up straight-leg jeans from Lucky Brand and leopard Target flats on a trip to visit some coworkers.

This is a typical afternoon for us. The boys play football or foursquare, and I keep tabs on the babies. My most favorite pair of shorts are hand-me-down True Religion jeans from a friend. I wore them with an old summer camp shirt and a pair of canvas flats from Lucky Brand, for an afternoon of porch-sitting.
With three kids two and under, it’s easy to understand why we spend a lot of time at home. That being said, we’ve tried to enforce a no-pajamas-all-day rule. Everyone feels better in real clothes, right? I specifically bought these Levi’s jeggings to replace my comfy pajama pants. The tee is Christopher’s middle school gym shirt. It’s my favorite piece of clothing, hands-down. I keep one sling upstairs and one downstairs, for easy access. They make it so much easier to handle two babies at once!
I wear my cowboy boots more often than I probably should, and I love a peep-toe heel or wedge. There are a few funky thrifted dresses and ruffly tops in the closet for fun times away from the kids. When it’s all said and done, though… you can most likely find me (and the rest of my family) in jeans & a tee!

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  1. You always look so fantastic!!! Honestly, I think I’m going to start implementing that “no PJs all day” rule. It’s so easy to fall into the “I can wear whatever I want” mindset because I’m a SAHM. Then I feel like frumpy trash when someone happens to knock on my door…

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