Surprise! (No.)


I’ll never be able to use that word again, will I? I am most definitely am NOT pregnant.

However… I most definitely AM speaking at next year’s Influence Conference in Indianapolis! I’m honored for the opportunity to make a little noise alongside some pretty fantastic women, all of whom were announced today. We’ve still got nearly a year to go and I’m already prickly with anticipation. For real.

What are you waiting for? You’re certainly not still dragging your feet about the “Influence is for internet girls” thing, right? Because I think we squashed that (in the best way) during this year’s conference. While we care a lot about building God’s¬†kingdom online, while we care a lot about taking back the Internet for good, we’re a lot MORE¬†passionate about equipping women in general. So internet-lover or not, grab your ticket… while there are still some left. See you next September!