summertime sweetness – swings & storms.

Most evenings, we try to get outside as soon as the dishes are cleared. The kids throw football and beat piles of leaves with sticks and ride the tricycle until it’s time for bath and bed. Even after the three little pigs go down, the big boys stay out with the dogs until the last possible minute.
Tonight’s bedtime hour brought us a little something different – a stormy summertime special. Avery spent a solid thirty minutes playing in the rain, before the lightning chased him in. Lucas came off of the porch swing with his video game to settle in between Chris & I on the couch. Ames convinced everyone to let him stay up DUSS A WITTLE BIT WATE because he’s scared of the FUNDAH. The girls slept through the whole thing, like the sweaty cherubs they are.
Sometimes my family makes me stare upwards and think, 
Heaven is gonna have to be really good to beat this.

2 thoughts on “summertime sweetness – swings & storms.”

  1. Maybe it is Heaven, Rachel. Perhaps that’s what Heaven is–whatever made us give glory to God while we occupied our space on Earth is what we will be gifted with in our next “space”.

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