stretch it out!

I mentioned a few of our frugal practices in this post, and I certainly learned a lot in return! After I heard one particular tip from one of you AND a coworker in the same week, I decided to try it myself. I added quinoa to my chicken enchiladas, so that I only used half the meat I normally do. I pay almost six bucks a pound for my chicken, so this is a big deal!

I simply cooked the quinoa and chicken separately, and then mixed it together with some sauteed onions and green peppers. I then stuffed the tortilla shells, drizzled on some enchilada sauce & cheese, and stored them in the fridge until it was their turn (I do a lot of the week’s prep work in one day). Thirty minutes at three-fifty made these a hit with everyone, even the babies!

10 thoughts on “stretch it out!”

  1. I don’t eat meat, but I do put quinoa, and other grains like barley and wheat berries, into all kinds of things. Also, I often stretch more healthful, but also more expensive, grains like quinoa, with rice. My girls love a combo of equal parts rice, barley and quinoa and it provides a whole variety of nutrition.

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