some sisters scoop

They are somewhere between eight and nine months.
They have great hand-eye coordination.
Honor is technically bigger, but they are close in height & weight.
Isaiah Jane prefers her thumb to a pacifier.
Honor is a much lighter sleeper.
Honor is starting to crawl.
Isaiah Jane is a gentler nursling.
Isaiah Jane still occasionally goes cross-eyed.
They both seem to enjoy music, bobbing their heads to the beat.
They still love to touch, though it’s developed to fighting over objects.
Isaiah Jane does not sit or stand well.
Honor has a husky voice.
They are officially on solids, though it’s very sporadic.
They are sleeping through the night, for about seven hours at a time.
Honor has a tooth coming in on the bottom.
Isaiah Jane can keep herself occupied with her feet.
They weigh the same as most three-month-olds, but they have long torsos.
They love to be held – by anyone, which is a blessing.

Things seem to be moving at a snail’s pace, but I think that’s the Lord.
This is probably our last go-around, and I’m determined to soak it up!

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  1. They are too cute! I try and channel you when I’m having a high-stress day…your chill and easy-going demeanor is so high-five-able. :)

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