Ready or not.

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an adapted excerpt from a letter to some of my Influence women

I picked a piece of dead Christmas tree off of the bottom of my foot this morning. I’d been fighting off a cold all weekend and therefore slathering Thieves oil on my feet, and therefore walking around on tiptoes, and therefore not as nimble as usual, and therefore stepping on dead Christmas tree twigs. We cut down down beautiful trees at a nearby farm, and they have since betrayed us and died – a full week before Christmas. As I pulled the greenery off of my foot, I grumbled a bit.

Here’s the thing, women of mine. Christmas is coming, ready or not. In sickness and in health, dead trees or live, presents wrapped or not. Baby Jesus came, ready or not. To borrow an Andy Stanley phrase from a recent favorite talk, about the years leading up to Jesus’ birth…

God told Israel over and over, “Listen, I’m gonna do something with you. You can either work with Me, or step back and watch Me work.”

He’s pretty much down for whatever. It’s either, or. We can choose to be a part of God’s story or not but when He’s ready to move, He moves. Let’s be the ones who are ready for Him to move. Open hands, open eyes, open hearts, all of the time. Especially this week. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to celebrate His move towards earth, towards me. I’m standing here with my heart as wide open as I can get it, whispering thanks that God loved me enough to send me His son one Christmas night.