quick! get thee to a poll booth!


Today’s the day, friends! When the clock strikes tonight, all of the bickering and debating and posting and emailing and fact-checking (or not-fact-checking) will come to end. I know you are all just as sick as I am of the the last few months, but I do feel that this season is an important one.

It’s important that our freedom to experience this season is not taken for granted. We’re able to choose a candidate, vote for him or her, and then talk about it in public. Every day, I hear stories from countries fighting bloody wars over this very topic. We’re so blessed. And as a woman, it strikes me to the core to think that my predecessors won this for me less than a hundred years ago. I’m truly thankful to be an American today.

It’s also important to remember that the words we’ve spoken during this season will last much longer than the ads or the four years in office. The way we share political opinions with our loved ones (and strangers) speaks volumes about our character. I’ve tried my best to walk that balance between sharing my thoughts when appropriate, and remaining peaceful and free from misunderstanding. A brave yes and a strong no.

This morning, we’re walking the kids up to our voting precinct to participate. I want them to remember what it felt like to watch the news and hear the radio and overhear friends & family… and then watch their parents make their choice. I’ve shared bits and pieces of this election season with them, but I’ve tried to keep it short and sweet. I usually only address the topic when they ask questions, or when they comment on something they’ve heard. I want them to know exactly why we’ve chosen our candidate, and how we chose the issues that matter to us.

It’s not too late! Show some pride and respect for your country, and get thee to a poll booth! Most locations are open for at least twelve hours tomorrow. Thanks to the high volume of early voters, there’s a chance you won’t have to wait in line. Children can cast their votes, thanks to the Kids Voting initiative. It’s a great learning experience!

Not sure where to go to cast your vote, or even if you’re registered? Locate your precinct here.
Not sure who’s trying to win from your state? Research the state-level candidates here.
Not sure what issues are really at stake this election? Do your homework here.

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  1. my sister is a midwife/nurse practitioner living and working in Nigeria. she posted something rather profound this morning on facebook, or at least I think so!

    She said: “Frequent question from the Nigerian staff today… “Are you expecting any post election violence?” For all the faults one can find with this election season, it is still an amazing thing about the American democratic process that I can so confidently answer, “No.”

    it’s all about perspective. thanks for always offering yours, rachael! you are doing great work! :)

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