our blizzard

Our crew enjoyed a good old-fashioned snow day last weekend. A real live snow day! We spent less than an hour outside, and everything melted away by sundown… but we had a blast nonetheless. You snow bird readers, be patient with us. The nice powdery stuff only graces us every few winters, so we Southern folk have to soak it up!

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2 thoughts on “our blizzard”

  1. love the farmhouse picture. the dual trees in front, makes me want to walk right in, pull up some hot chocolate and move in with you. oh wait, sorry. lol. a lot of our area was cleared for animals or housing, we live surrounded by trees, but something about the 2 pillar trees in front makes me sigh.

  2. Love, love, LOVE the new house! It is beautiful:) I had a dream about your sweet family last night, ha! We were doing ministry and mommying together. Hope ya’ll are doing well.

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