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Our first married fight involved a vacuum cleaner. Things had been tense all day when the evening found us in our bedroom; me, furiously vaccuuming and he, trying to figure out this new wife of his. He stood there in the doorway, arms crossed, irritatingly sweet smile on his face. I’m sure I had an attitude when I asked, “Why are you looking at me like that?” And then, out came the fateful words. “You’re doing it wrong.” I immediately offered that he take over, but he refused on the basis that I was being ugly about it. And I was. I dropped the vacuum’s handle and went outside to cool off. The thing was still on and in the spot in which I’d left it, when I returned a few minutes later.

My husband brought to our marriage a beast of a vacuum that includes gears, attachments, about forty pounds, and over a decade of experience. Apparently, this brand boasts a machine that never dies. This was a bummer for me, as I couldn’t rationalize purchasing a new one. But I also couldn’t get the thing up the stairs. If I could just learn how to screw on the front correctly and use the gears properly, it would drive itself. Right, Christopher? So over the years, we’ve compromised. I’ve promised to never smack-talk the vacuum, and my husband has taken over vacuuming. I think I’ve used the thing three times in our entire marriage.
Thanks to the folks at Oreck, though, I’m back in the game. We were recently sent a Magnesium vacuum cleaner to review, free of charge! Praise the Lord and thank you, Oreck! We’ve been using it for about three weeks now, and the whole family is in love. Twelve-year-old Lucas’ chore is sweeping, and his domain has increased significantly since we installed the laminate hardwoods. Thanks to this Magnesium, he’s able to cover more ground faster. He also loves how light it is and is enamored with the concept that he can lift it with a single finger. When I asked him for constructive criticism, he sheepishly admitted that he prefers the color red over blue. I informed him that blue is the only option, and he perked up. I love that kid.
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Our new Oreck does a good job on carpets, which I expected. However, it works exceptionally well on our hard surfaces, which was a nice surprise. The cord is long enough to get through two rooms, and I like that it has only two speed settings. No fuss required, like our old machine! I am in the process of trying to find a good routine for the rugs, as the Magnesium tends to suck up the corners rather easily. The safety feature is great, though, in that the machine blinks and shuts off whenever it catches the rug corners (or its own cord).
I haven’t had to empty it yet, but the Magnesium came with an easy-to-understand manual. The zipper and HEPA bag seem particularly helpful, and I’ve noticed zero odors so far. Our old machine had to live in the garage because it got so hot and stinky.
Two thumbs up, Oreck! You have no idea how much you’ve blessed this family!
And to add to the glee and excitement…
One of you is going to win an Oreck Magnesium of your very own! 
Simply visit Oreck.com and tell me one thing you learned about the Magnesium.
Leave a comment below for your chance to win! I’ll draw a winner June 1.
Nitty gritty details:
You must be a resident of the contiguous 48 states to win. Oreck Corporation provided the prize for the sweepstakes but is not the sponsor of the sweepstakes. You don’t have to follow my blog or my Twitter account to win, but I sure would appreciate the support. Thanks!

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  1. It’s gentle enough for use on oriental or persian rugs. I love that it can work on both hardwoods and carpets – fantastic. Need this.

  2. 7.7 lbs?! Dang my baby weighs a lot more than that and I have to carry her everywhere! I would love to win this seeing as how we are still polluting our house with my late grandfathers NASTY 1960 vacuum that smells like burnt hair every time I use it. (hey makes for a good excuse not to vacuum)! Great giveaway!

  3. Magnesium uses a HEPA inner bag. As air passes through the HEPA inner bag, it captures at least 99.97% of particles as small as .3 microns from that air, such as pollen, dust, smoke, animal dander and mold spores.

    Uhhh… AWESOME! Two cats and a long haired chihuahua… My life is nothing but dander!

  4. I love that it is so versatile – carpet, hardwoods AND tile! We could use a durable vacuum like this one – seems like a keeper :)

  5. I love that it lays flat to go under furniture! I really need something to help out with our upstairs, which is all laminate and never gets cleaned *shamefaced*.

  6. Just saw that it lays virtually flat to slide under furniture. This is AWESOME considering under furniture is where I simply avoid because my clunky vacuum can’t come close to fitting. My dust piles under there are piling up and I’d love to win!

  7. Fun review! Love that it calls out being able to handle high-pile carpet well. We have hardwoods, but two rooms have high pile rugs for our baby girl to have some comfy space. Our vacuum doesn’t do the best with the rugs…and it’s so heavy!

  8. What a great giveaway! I like the Direct Suction feature – with a house full of dust and dog hair it’d be nice to get rid of it quickly! And that it’s furniture friendly by laying flat – our furniture is heavy so I hate having to move it just to vacuum under it.

  9. I learned that the Magnesium can fold almost flat to get under furniture! This would be super helpful. We have a daycare and a Great Dane, so basically a huge mess! I would love a light and amazing vacuum like this one (can’t afford that hefty price tag though). I hope I win. Thanks Orek!!!!

  10. oooh, I love that it lays flat to go under furniture! Way easier then actually moving the furniture!

  11. Yay!! A giveaway that makes SENSE for me and we are in DESPERATE need of a new vacuum:)

    We have a variety of surfaces to clean…hardwoods, rugs, etc…and our rugs vary from low pile to high, so I like that the Magnesium has the large high-performance rear wheels with cylindrical wheel bearings to help get through all of those!

  12. It lays flat to go under furniture! This would be the perfect wedding gift for my amazing brother and soon-to-be sister-in-law!

  13. I love that it weighs approximately 1/6 of my twins. If I can hold them, I can hold the vacuum! Seriously, my old one weighs eleventy billion pounds.

  14. I definitely love the “lays flat” feature, and that you switch it to go to lower surfaces so you know that it’s going to work best for that setting! This would be simply fantastic to win!

  15. I love that it lays flat for under furniture. I have a 2 year old and a dog that sheds like crazy so the Magnesium would be a wonderful addition to our family! Great giveaway!

  16. The highlight of the review to me was MANEUVERABILITY!! This comes in handy when vacuuming around an obstacle course of furniture, toys and a toddler! So excited to have to opportunity to possibly win this!! Can’t wait until June 1st!!

  17. A seven pound vacuum? Sign me up. We just buy a new ($30) vacuum every time the current one dies. It’s about the same price as a filter anyway. It gets old, though.

  18. Omg I was right?!?! This would be a DREAM come true. My TWO hoovers are barely suctioning anymore :( I vacuum every. Single. Day. I am terrified of the summer because all three kids will be snacking all through the house! My Hoover is SO HEAVY. I love that this vacuum is only a little over 7lbs! And has POWERFUL airflow to the tune of 120mph! Sweet!

  19. Man you’ve sold me on an oreck over that other vaccum you mentioned ;). We could use the orecks powerful 102 mph suction to clean up the dog hair around here! Kat :)

  20. I love that it lays flat to clean under furniture and I love that it weighs only 7.7 lbs!

  21. i have both carpet and hardwood floors in my home and i love that it has an easy switch on the back so i can easily do my whole house!

  22. As a mom to three under three currently 35 weeks pregnant also :P I LOVE that it only weighs 7 pounds! It’s so hard to haul a heavy vacuum up stairs especially with a 15 month old and a belly :D It’s also great that the cord is so long!

  23. we’re moving in to our very first house on June 1st! I think it’s meant to be— must get rid of the old, heavy vacuum that my husband brought to our marriage! i like seeing the words ‘simple’ and ‘easy’ so much on the website… and 7.7lbs?! heeyyy!!

  24. This is dreamy! I am shocked it’s only 7.7 lbs. We have carpet and hardwoods all through the house, and TWO dogs that shed so something easy to use, yet powerful is a must!

  25. Wow! You know you’re getting older when you swoon over a vacuum! I had no idea you could get models that spun 360 degrees. How handy! I also love how it’s bagless. Awesome.

  26. i would love a vacuum that can easily handle all sorts of heights of rugs w/o having to do the complicated switcheroos every time i’m on a different sort of floor. looks like magnesium can handle that!

    emily at adenverhomecompanion dot com

  27. Hmmm…where to start? The fact that it is uber lightweight! Or that it is self propelled and has 2 speeds! It lays flat (whit would be great for getting under some of my furniture:-)

  28. I love that it lays flat! Getting under our bed and the tables is a pain. Also we have mostly hardwood and our old vacuum does nothing but blow around the dirt on them. So it would be great to use one tool for both kinds of floors!

  29. I love that the vacuum is so lightweight (perfect for my 15 stairs) and that it lays flat. In an apartment with very little room, that’s an awesome feature!

  30. I learned that it includes 3 annual tune ups. I always feel like my vacuums stop working great at about 6 months, so this is fantastic!
    kirbycolby at gmail dot com

  31. I just love the fact that it works so well on so many different surfaces – the floors in our teeny tiny house go from hardwood to carpet to hardwood to carpet to tile to hardwood on the first floor and I’m forever wishing we had a vacuum that dealt with that fact! Plus, the 30 ft. cord means I can vacuum my WHOLE first floor without changing outlets!!!

  32. I love the fact that it goes smoothly thru high pile carpet, I hate having to tug a sweeper thru the carpet and still feel like its not clean.

    I dont have any of those accounts so my email address is aunt_ning@yahoo.com

  33. We have the most shoddy little vacuum in the entire world, and if I win this giveaway I will probably pee a little from sheer glee. (Just warning you.) ;)

    I love how furniture-friendly the Magnesium is, and that it will lay almost flat to go under tables and such. Also, you can’t go wrong with it picking up 99.9% of the stuff you want to get out of your carpet. My daughter crawls all over our duplex and I can only wonder what she’s scooting around in, since I know our current vacuum isn’t very powerful…

    Thanks for the giveaway, m’dear!


  34. I LOVE that it lays flat to go under furniture and that it is so light! Our clunker sounds very similar to yours… we needed a new vacuum and got duped by the big brand door-to-door salesman about 8 years ago. Definitely time for a new one!

  35. Loving the fact that it’s light AND powerful! Recovering from a c-section means that I’m unable to vacuum my own floors until July, due to the fact that my current vacuum is a monster. And with a busy husband & two little boys under two, I think my floors will be on the dirtier side!


  36. Oh how I would love a vacuum weighing only 7.7 pounds! My current one is over 60 years old, a family heirloom passed down from my grandmother to my father and now to me. As much as I like family traditions, I need a vacuum made in this century, and one that I don’t need help lifting. My current vacuum is a monster of a machine. I would love to own a vacuum I can easily pull out for a quick touch up of the carpets. The one I have right now makes vacuuming a production!

  37. I learned that it is most definitely better than my vaccuum! Also, love the long cord length.

  38. The two speed Quickswitch™ on the back of the vacuum enables you to move smoothly across all floor types using appropriate power levels: high for carpets and low for hardwoods and tile.

    THAT is what I love! I have all hardwoods and tile, but I do have some rugs so this is an amazing feature!! Would love to win this!! So cool!!

  39. I learned that the motor sounds really fast! The motor spins at approximately 7,000 RPM, which is a lot faster than my hand-me-down vacuum that is from my Grandmothers generation. With a very furry dog, I’m sure you understand that I would love to use this in my hardwood floors and carpets. I’m glad you’ve been loving yours!

  40. It’s the lightest Oreck ever. Sounds pretty awesome to me. We “invested” in a Dyson that is sooooo stinkin’ heavy!! Then we moved into a townhome with three floors! Yikes. Then I found out I’m preggo and exhaustion has kept me from lugging that thing anywhere. Double yikes.

  41. I never thought I would be so excited about the possibility of winning a vacuum cleaner, haha! But seriously, ours is horrible! It makes me so sick (allergies) every time I use it. I love that this Oreck is super light and that the belt lasts a long time. Our belts are always snapping!

    alliehallmarr (at) yahoo (dot) com

  42. It will clean all my floors and rugs. ALL of them…by itself…Okay I made that last part up, but one day:)

  43. It’s super light at only 7.7 lbs! And I LOVE that it goes virtually flat to get under furniture! LOVE! nlevdan3 at yahoo dot com

  44. @molli72 I have learned many things from their
    Site!! But the fact that it lays basically flat is
    Awesome!! I am in such need of a new vacuum!!
    My kids are messier than I was as a kid!!
    Growing up they called me Messy Molli and was
    going to marry Messy Marvin!! I now understand
    when your parents say your kids will be payback
    just wait and see!! Haha jokes on me!! But I have come
    to terms if I am going to own an Oreck like my
    Mom and Momaw in the next 5 years I’m going to
    have to win it!!! So here goes !! Please help make
    It so!!!!

  45. @molli72 And to just comment on you blog post
    Loved it!! I have done the same thing!! And now try
    To live by my new favorite quote “A clean house is sign
    Of a wasted life” haha I’m going to make me a crafty
    Sign to hang just so everyone knows when they
    Come over !! ;)

  46. I realized I didn’t enter correctly. Ok so what I learned is that this vacuum is AMAZING. And I need it ;) It cleans hardwoods and high pile carpets!!! Which we have both in our house! :) and it looks awesome.

  47. I learned that this vacuum only weighs a mere 7.7lbs and that it lays flat allowing me to vacuum under the furniture so I don’t have to make the choice to try and move it or settle for inches of dust and crumbs :) My current vacuum is held together by duct tape and while I realize the uses of duct tape are numerous and outstanding, I prefer a vacuum cleaner that isn’t an advertisement for ‘duct tape’. Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  48. I love that this works on hardwoods & tile, because that’s all I have in my house! (Sans a few rugs) I learned that it was voted best new product of the year AND it folds almost flat! I would love this!

  49. My wife would love to win this vacuum! I think the best thing that I learned about this vacuum is the weight. It’s SO light compared to the vacuum we have now. We have a canister and she pulls it around everywhere. I think this would be a great vacuum to have.

    ichkyfish at hotmail dot com

    Jeremy Hunt

  50. I love the long cord and the fact that it lays flat – so awesome for getting under beds!
    robyndadler (at) yahoo (dot) com

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