Mamas Makin’ It Work – #7

A young homebirthin’ mama. Doesn’t get much crunchier or more fun that this, y’all.
Hi! I’m Bekah from Mylittleloves. Wife to my best friend Marc and Mama to Ocean (3/2009) and Luna (8/2011). My husband and I became parents at the ripe age of 19, ever since then we have had the question asked “How do you do it?!” We just do. 
I always laugh a little to myself because its not like I have some secret, 
you just adjust  to your circumstances and make the most of them. 
Being young parents we have been presented with several challenges, getting through school for one.
Having little income, not much support and few other friends in the same boat.
Those things have been easy for us to get through-
we shop almost solely at thrift/secondhand stores, we buy in bulk and are mostly vegetarian, we try to find some community wherever we go whether its at a local natural grocer or at the park.
We chose to start out young for several reasons and we are reaping the benefits.
One- more energy to keep up with rambunctious toddlers on 4 hours of sleep.
Two- my body bounced back from pregnancy well.
Three- when we have a steady income we will have older children that travel well.
Four- Ocean will be off to college when I am 37…
Five- we like having kids young, its fun!
I personally make it work by making sure I make time for me!
Whether its showering and getting beautified for my day or napping on the couch, I’m pretty sure the only way we have made it through some days is mama taking some chill time.
Also of extreme importance is making time for your spouse- sometimes we get so stressed forget we are on the same team with the same goal (most the time at least ;)
And thats how this Mama makes it work!


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  1. Great guest post! Bekah is a doll, and I love her blog. I actually look up to her, even though she is younger than me :)

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