it’s my birthday!

January birthdays are a bit awkward. Because of the holidays, they sneak up on you and can be a bit disappointing if you don’t plan ahead. However, I believe God gave me a January birthday for a very specific reason. I am a notorious “winter blues” gal, and I like to think He stuck a little bright spot in the middle of a potentially dark season. The Lord is thoughtful like that. And so is my husband:

Breakfast in bed, served on a pizza stone. He also wrote a sweet lil’ note on his site and made one of his solo tracks available (see below), free for your enjoyment! I’ve only blown my nose a half-dozen times so far this morning. Also, I took an extra long shower with a fancy shampoo sample I found in my closet. Lastly, I think we’re getting sushi later! ‘Tis shaping up to be a stellar birthday.

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10 thoughts on “it’s my birthday!”

  1. Happy birthday! It is my oldest sons 5th birthday today, too. 01.19 is a pretty fabulous day to be born if you ask me ;) I hope it continues to be wonderful and relaxing for you!

  2. Happy birthday Rachel! I’ll tell you, I LOVE having a winter birthday, too. Mine is January 13th (just 18 days after Christmas), and, growing up, not only did I love it because snow days were a very good possibility around my birthday, but also because whatever I didn’t get for Christmas, I got for my birthday just two weeks later! Nowadays, I love it because, well, it’s great!

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