it’s getting louder around here

We bought all of the new flooring at one time, in order to score a pretty handsome discount. I told Chris several times that there was no rush. That I was not going to nag him to do it all at once. That those pallets could sit in our garage for months if needed. That I was just thankful to be moving in that direction.

The day after they were delivered, I discovered this photo while at work:

He managed to complete all of the demo in the big boys’ room, with all of the kids at home. Because the boys’ beds are mounted into the ceiling, they can continue to sleep in there regardless of the progress. However, their dressers and toy chests currently reside in the upstairs hallway. The exposed plywood poses a threat to sweet feet. Lastly and most importantly, my husband simply can’t bear to leave things unfinished. It’s one of my favorite things about him. 
We’ve had plenty of offers from helpful friends, but this is the man who figured out a way to mount those beds by himself because he refused to wait for me to come upstairs. Over the last few days, he’s been laying down the floors with only the boys’ help. It’s fun to watch them be a part of the process. Their main concern is whether or not they’ll be able to wrestle on laminate hardwoods. I assured them we’ll get rugs just as soon as we can.

We’re only a few days in, but the boys’ room is virtually finished. Nobody’s gotten hurt, no floors have been ruined, and the babies have slept through the banging.
Praise Him!

7 thoughts on “it’s getting louder around here”

  1. These pictures make me want to rip out the carpet in my living room. I HATE the carpet and my cats have a knack for choosing spots in the middle of the room to hack up hairballs, so it is in terrible condition. Think you could send Chris to my house, when he finishes up at yours?

  2. That floor looks so nice!! We had laminate hardwoods in our old house and loved them!! They held up so well to all of our kids and animals! And they can totally be wrestled on! : ) I think you will really like them.

    1. Did you ever stop to think that Daddy and Lucas were fighting for the honor of the Princess? That Avery and Ames were the bad guys that deserved to be thrown into the dungeonous closet? It’s all about perspective.

  3. We just refinished our hardwoods and had a house full of hard floors with no rugs. BUT I stumbled across this hidden little area in Lowes where they sell carpet remnants that are made into rugs for $25– I had to dig, but I found some GREAT plush ones perfect for snuggling with the puppies (or wrestling).

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