I’m singing! And banging on plastic cups!

This week, I tracked vocals and some percussion with Chris for this week’s 52 song. I’m very excited to hear how it turns out. I knew those summer camp dining hall routines would come in handy someday!

The butterflies take me by surprise each time he asks me to sing with him – I just get so nervous! I’m also plain honored when he includes me in his musical projects. It’s a joy to walk this journey with him.

Stay tuned for the track, coming sometime this week!

Somebody That I Used To Know by Christopher Kincaid

14 thoughts on “I’m singing! And banging on plastic cups!”

  1. You have a beautiful voice!! I love your remake much better than original, you guys should do more songs together!!

  2. This is just amazing! I started playing it on my iPad and it is so good it took my boyfriend’s attention away from Breaking Bad long enough for him to comment on how awesome it is. We prefer your version to the original!!

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