i’m baaaaack

view from our beach house’s kitchen. outer banks, nc

Thanks for your well wishes and patience as my family (& the blog) took a vacation. We had a blast on the coast, and boy was it relaxing! I didn’t snap a ton of photos. Or write. I didn’t even check any of my usual sites/email too much. It was a nice break. I am working one or two a few posts by which to remember the week. I won’t overload you, I promise – okay, I’ll try not to!

In the meantime, why don’t you:

Head on over to the Influence website to enter yourself in the conference’s giveaway week?! I sure hope to see you there this October.

Read this beautiful surrogate birth story? I saw a photo floating around on Facebook and was able to dig this up from Jill’s blog.

Make me an offer on anything in the Kincaid Parade closets? I need to make some room (and cash)!