head over heels.

this kid is so mysterious to me…

he would rather eat than do anything else, ever.
he eats more than my bigger boys at any given meal.
and yet, he’s the size of most one-year olds.
he’s all-out, leave-it-on-the-field, sweaty beast, 100% little boy.

he’s cautious & obedient, remorseful when he’s done wrong.
he loves hanging with his momma & daddy, but he rarely cuddles.
he constantly tells us he loves us… “uh-lob-um” over & over.
he signs more than he speaks.
most of the time, he knows his colors.
he’s still bald on the very top of his head.
he says certain words backwards. “truck” = “kurt.”
my heart will break a little the day he learns the correct pronunciation.
his infatuation with music & his sense of rhythm are beyond anything i’ve ever seen.
he can blow his nose, and will do so on command.
he retrieves pacifiers for his sisters and properly replaces them in their mouths.
he can suck through a straw. we rarely let him feed himself because of the mess.
when he whines, he makes a terribly obnoxious “nah” sound.

he gives me butterflies.

he is almost two years old. it flew by.

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