he makes it easy

Even when he drives the rest of the world crazy asking me for more kids, 
I know it’s something the Lord put in his heart.  
Christopher Kincaid, you were right – you were born to be a dad. 
You do it so well, and I’m honored to raise this brood with you. 
Happy Father’s Day.  
-Facebook / June 16, 2013.

Our Father’s Day was easy and relaxing. Right up Chris’ alley. I gave my man a tool chest and a day without diapers. We did the church thing and the lunch thing and put the babies down for late naps. We lay around the yard and read magazines by the pool – the baby pool, that is. We ate popsicles outside while we played cornhole, and we ate leftover lasagna inside while we traded fond memories of Chris. That night, we washed and folded laundry in preparation for the big boys’ respective camps this week.

The responsibilities of fatherhood never stop for this man, but the joy never runs dry. I learn so much about parenting and character from my husband. I’m still a firm believer that only a few pieces of parenting come naturally, so it makes me all the more grateful to be learning alongside this one.

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