Five things on a Friday.

iPhone apps I use practically everyday (and you might, too):

  1. Twitter. My first and forever social media love. This is where I stay caught up current events, politics, local happenings, and pop culture. This is also the number 1 spot for me to stay engaged with the Black community and learn more about my role in the journey to racial reconciliation. Black Twitter is like, the most amazing, thoughtful, helpful, HILARIOUS thing to happen to the Internet.
  2. Clue. Because ladies, we are WAY TOO OLD to not know what’s happening to our bodies on the regular. I chart my periods, moods, and pain here (this includes random headaches or fatigue). You can remove the parts of charting you don’t want (ovulation, for example, if you aren’t trying to make more babies). You can also receive push notifications as a heads-up when things are heating up (i.e. DO NOT PICK A FIGHT WITH YOUR HUSBAND TODAY, YOU’RE A LITTLE CRAY). Speaking of husbands, mine actually started charting my cycles way before I did. Because he’s kind and gentle and brilliant.
  3. Audible. For a monthly subscription fee, you get one free book each month, plus discounts to a bajillion other audio books. I try to get through two books per month, and I’ll listen to everything from celebrity memoirs to heavy women-in-the-Church theology. This also keeps me from checking my phone while driving (yikes) or gorging on NPR all day in the car.
  4. Wunderlist. I know I’ve talked about it before, but it just cannot NOT make the list today. My husband and I started using it three years ago when we had a knock-down drag-out discussion (lol) about rhythms and grocery shopping and how alone I felt in the household duties. He found this app and we’ve been using it happily and faithfully ever since. In addition to our grocery lists (which we have categorized by store), we keep wish lists for ourselves and dream projects for the house on there. It’s a great place to store ideas for gifts and travel, as well.
  5. Google Maps. Just kidding. I mean, yes, but that’s boring. Let’s go with VSCO. This is where I collect photos that I know I’d like to share someday. I’m able to edit them at my own pace, while I either come up with a clever caption or wait for the Lord to give me something to share (this does NOT mean the Lord isn’t clever. He very much is). I do try to keep a certain aesthetic look on my Instagram, a concept about which I am absolutely unashamed, and I prefer the M5 and the S2 filters with a few tweaks thrown in.

What about you? What apps do YOU love?

2 thoughts on “Five things on a Friday.”

  1. Plant Nanny is my favorite app recently! It’s totally helped me stay on top of my water intake by letting me water a super cute plant every time I finish a glass. Such a win. Also, Clue changed my life. YAY APPS.

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