Five things on a Friday.


For your listening pleasure:

1. “Sunday Stroll” playlist on Spotify. It’s like being in a coffee shop and hearing everything you love on one station, from deconstructed top 40’s hits to acoustic classics. I listen to this when I’m cleaning my room.

2. Bethel Worship, “We Will Not Be Shaken.” This might be the greatest worship album for the year, and we’re still in the first quarter. I can’t play it or endorse it enough. This record is beautiful and raw and it’s fun to watch the whole thing via the videos section on its page.

3. “New Year’s Eve Party” playlist on Pandora. I promise you won’t regret it. There’s something for everyone on this station, and it heads in whatever direction you want based on your likes. And to be honest, I found it several weeks after the holidays’ passing.

4. Taylor Swift, “89.” Personally, I need a break from this record, but only because my kids want to hear it every single time we’re in the car. It’s well-done and it’s spunky and groovy and I am just such a fan of women in pop culture who write their own music. I’m even more of a fan of celebrities who give back to their fans and beyond.

5. This American Life, “Serial.” I know people have gone back and forth on this one, whether or not it’s appropriate to bring up old hurts for the sake of a sensationalized investigative piece. But this podcast is so interesting, and it’s free so I feel less funky about it. Also, I enjoy suspenseful stories that ask questions.

What about y’all? Whatcha listening to these days?

3 thoughts on “Five things on a Friday.”

  1. I loved the Serial Podcast. It was especially awesome for plane entertainment while I was traveling over the holidays. I actually took a break for who knows what reason and still have 3 “episodes” left. I think it is an incredibly interesting story!
    All Spotify playlists rule. I have discovered so many new artists that I never would have listened to before because of those awesome mood/genre playlists!

  2. Loved the Serial podcast, too. And “We Will Not Be Shaken,” how amazing is that? This album has really been ministering to me during a season of uneasiness and the unknown.

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