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Reasons* to use David Kind:

1. Personalized service. I’ve gone the online route for glasses plenty of times in the past, and I have never received the type of correspondence and attention that David Kind has given me. Regardless of whether you purchase, you’re assigned a personal stylist who’s educated and experienced and guides you through the entire process.

2. The try-on process. You pick three pairs, and your stylist picks three pairs. You receive a total of six, delivered to your house to try on at your leisure. You can take lots of selfies and play around with outfits and lighting and hairstyles before you make a decision.

3. Perfect fit. From the color preference to facial shape and size, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find a good match. Your stylist works with photos of you, and you use an app to send eye measurements when you’re ready to purchase. My final choice came to me with absolutely no need to adjust the fit or the prescription. They even sit straight on my crooked face!

4. Quality. Every single pair I tried on impressed me, and I tried on a lot. Our entire core team basically exchanged boxes two times over. I’ve held a lot of these frames in my hands and worn them for hours at a time. They carry just the right weight without being heavy.

5. Gorgeous aesthetics. Everything is so well-done, y’all. From the frames to the try-on box to the glasses case you receive with your purchase… it’s all just so stinkin’ pretty and unique.




*A sponsored post, yes, but I wouldn’t write about this if I didn’t love it.

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