father’s day part 2

I thank God for my dad!
He is “Chief” because he is too young & hip to be “Grandpa.” He is a coach, a former tennis pro and now one of the most renowned golfers in the Southeast. He is a military brat and spent his formative years in France. He is a fantastic dancer. He carries enough supplies in his Tahoe to fly a plane by himself, and he could probably figure out how to do it if you gave him enough time. 
He received the first-ever track scholarship from Appalachian State University. He transferred there after playing football at University of Florida and realizing he’d rather run. One semester, he ran into a biology professor who told him she only gave out three A’s for the entire class. He was not an A student. He does not like to be challenged. He earned one of those A’s that semester.
My dad & I are a lot alike. We’re driven, we’re stubborn, & we can be critical if we’re not careful. You can imagine what that looked like in a teenage girl who, in addition to all of those things, also desperately desired her Daddy’s approval. I threw my father for a loop many times. I started listening to hardcore music and going to shows in high school. I remember trying to explain to my dad that the straight-edge kids who wore black were actually the good kids. The boys at school had a healthy fear of him… they called him “Scary Gary.” Later, I college-hopped and even took a semester off to travel the world, for a missions program. I married an older man with kids. I got pregnant soon thereafter, while I was still in nursing school. I made a decision to be the primary breadwinner, in order to free my husband to pursue a career in music & ministry.
Through each one of these seasons, though, my dad has learned more about me. And in return, I like to think I’ve earned his respect. My proudest moment in our relationship was during Ames’ birth, when I saw him walk in the door towards the end of my 20+hour labor. He got to witness me pull my son up to my chest in my own bedroom, on my own turf. I remember looking at him and thinking, this is the most intense, athletic, powerful thing I’ve ever done. Are you watching? I am woman. Hear me roar, Dad.
It gives me a lot of joy & pride to me able to share my kids with my dad. He didn’t have the same chance, as he lost his father shortly before I was born. I count it as a blessing each time we come together as a big family. He has been an amazing grandfather to my three kids, and he’s taken on Lucas & Avery as his own. A lot of the life lessons I teach my children come from him. My favorite piece of advice: Make decisions based on how you want to feel later, and not on how you feel now. That wisdom has guided me through many hard decisions, and I find myself handing it out to others often. 
Without even knowing it, my dad taught me what to look for in a husband. And as a result, my husband and sons will be able to teach my daughters what a true & noble man looks like.

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  1. Very touching and so very true, as I can vouch for all he has accomplished, growing up and as a father. He is, very special, as I for one have watched through the years, his brother, Uncle Eddy.

  2. Such a touching post about your dad. I sure hope he got to read it! I lost my dad three weeks after turning 15 years old, and I think all children, girls especially, should soak up the time they have with their dads and learn all they can from them while they’re here because of that. You’ve obviously done that, and I admire what you’ve got going with your dad!

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