curriculum so far + we need your help!

Thankfully, this ain’t our first merry-go-round… this homeschool stuff can get overwhelming! There’s a neat little supply store in a nearby town that I’ve visited quite a few times. The ladies there are super helpful, and there’s also supportive literature on how to get started on your family’s homeschool journey. We’re feeling much more confident this time around, enough to give up the unit studies in place of “a la carte” curriculum this year.

What we’ve selected so far:
Math: Primary Math 4A/B, Singapore
Grammar: English for the Thoughtful Child, Mary F. Hyde
Vocabularly: Wordly Wise 3000 Book 4, Educators Publishing Service
Spelling: AVKO Sequential Spelling 4 Home Study Learning, Don McCabe
*We need recommendations for 4th grade science & social studies, please!

We’ll be doing a few weeks worth of detox, or “unschooling.” It worked wonders for Avery’s spirit last time, and we welcome anything that makes this boy sparkle a little brighter. His mom is looking into a few extracurricular activities, and I’m excited to take him on field trips with the youngins as the school year progresses. Don’t even get me started on the exploring he’ll be doing if and when we move into the farmhouse!

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  1. Are you looking for his curriculum to align to South Carolina or common core standards? I taught fourth grade math and science for the past two years.

  2. l

    Let me know if the link above doesn’t work — it should take you to the SC Dept of Educaton site that not only has links to the standards in every subject in every grade level, but also has links to support documents (which basically guides teachers on what is essential for students to know for each standard [much more in depth than just a list of standards]) also, and what I personally LOVE and always used when teaching, is a link to S3 curriculum…well thought out, detailed lessons you can teach for each standard….it even addresses common student misconceptions and ways to enrich those gifted students. Hope this helps! I teach 2nd grade now but still have almost all of my fourth grade science and math stuff (power points, tests, etc) if you’d ever like me to pass them along!

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