Cleanin’ house! Announcements….

1. In honor of Carlisle’s new bundle, I’m bloggin’ over at LaLaLu this week. Check out my post on the adventures of family expansion!

2. I’m working on a (hopefully) neat feature here on the blog, featuring super mamas from all over. Stay tuned, and feel free to email me if you’re interested in contributing!

3. Did you know that I write for Modern Parent? This website is full of fun for families from all walks of life. In addition, it boasts giveaways almost daily (for those in Charlotte area). Come on over & say hi! My articles post every Tuesday.

4. It is with great excitement tummy flips that I make this last announcement. I am officially accepting monthly sponsors, with a trial run beginning in July. Because I’m just starting out with this whole ad space thing, I’m offering only a few spots… and at darn good rates. Email me for details!

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