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Chicco is one of my favorite baby gear brands. We used their infant car seats with Ames, and I’ve got one of their umbrella strollers. I’m all about easy-to-use, easy-to-carry stuff, and Chicco seems to do it right. In celebration of Car Seat Safety Month, Chicco is highlighting a new product – nope, not a car seat. But you can take this with you wherever you go…
Say hello to the Fun Travel Activity Nest!
Play mat, baby gym, shady canopy, nap spot, older sibling/animal-deflector… this thing really seems to do it all! It folds up in a compact & lightweight manner, too, for playdates and vacations. And that cute little toy bar? It adjusts down to the mat for tummy time. Smart, right?
Chicco offered me an exciting opportunity… I got the choice to either review one of these badboys for the sisters, or give one away. We are done traveling for the summer (and year…. and possibly forever), so I’m passing this one up to you guys!
One of you will receive a 
Fun Travel Activity Nest!
Simply leave your name and email address below.
I’ll draw a winner Saturday evening.

And while we’re on the topic of travel & I have your attention, I’ll use this platform to pass along a few car seat safety tips. September only has a few days left, right? And don’t shoot the messenger. I’m only elaborating on what I’ve read from Julie Prom, car seat safety expert.

1. Kids should rear-face for as long as their seat allows. We’re talking at least up to age two, if not longer. In all of the studies I’ve read, I have not seen one injury resulting from a car accident with a rear-facing child. Forward-facing kids in accidents? It’s too grotesque to even share. Regarding turning your baby early… I’ve heard every excuse in the book, and I’ve experienced a few myself. I’m sympathetic to the fussy babies and the long-legged babies and the carsick babies and the mature, interactive babies and all of your babies. But safety must come first. It simply must.

2. Kids should ride in the backseat. We have an ongoing situation with Lucas, our eleven year old, who desperately wants to ride up front if the seat is available. Sometimes we let him. Sometimes we don’t. He’s almost my height and weight, so I oblige him frequently. But in reality, his muscles/bones/etc are not as developed as mine. And it’s safer when they’re in the back. Always.

3. Don’t put your infant car seat on top of a shopping cart. One day, we saw carts topple in the grocery store. TWICE in ONE trip! Both carts had babies in car seats up front. The cart gets top-heavy, older siblings get mischievous, and things get unsafe. Take this opportunity to wear your baby, or encourage them to sit up on their own in the appropriate place in the cart.

Enjoy the giveaway! And the tips… buckle up!

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  1. ooh this would be great for family visits, keep the dog hair off of all of our stuff (blankets, etc) and have a ‘safe’ spot we can feel good about leaving our BRAND new baby! Woot!

  2. Kalen (at) KentuckyCupcake (dot) com

    :) This is adorable and such a great idea. May get one regardless if I win or not.

    And I totally agree w/ you about car safety… I understand the excuses, but they don’t justify risking decapitating your child. A common one I hear is, “But it’s safer for me driving because they scream their head off otherwise.” I *totally* understand/empathize with that one. Unfortunately, even if you *do* wreck because they’re screaming, they’re STILL safer because they’re rear-facing.

  3. what a great giveaway and some helpful hints. For our future twins, we are doing some heavy duty research on which car seats to get, and we are making sure they will last long enough for the babes to ride backward for a while.

    Love Chicco and love this little play thingy. So much fun!

  4. Very cute and certainly great for the upcoming baby in November.
    cwergley (at) gmail (dot) com
    As for ERF, I am in agreement. Our son is nearing two and has learned to sit comfortable with his long legs crossed. He has a baby sister coming in 2 months and I figure they can be ERF buddies for awhile:-)
    My infant seat always went in the actually cart leaving me little to no room to shop. My son would have bananas and cucumbers surrounding his body when space got low inside the cart!

  5. Thanks for speaking up about rear facing car seats! I’ve never heard about problems with keeping kids reaf facing, except from parents who turned their kids around at a year. The people I know who went forward facing at one year all had “reasons” for doing so, but I know of so many kids who stayed rear facing until as late as three years and did just fine. Why wouldn’t you do what is safest for your baby?


  6. I’m due with my first any second now (EDD was yesterday) and that baby thing looks SO cool – we haven’t bought anything like that yet.

    megan_e_snelgrove at yahoo dot com

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