By a hair.

Isaiah Jane is much balder on top than Honor Rose – sort of like Ames. He’s almost three years in and still rocking a mad receding hairline. Bless their hearts, I hope those two get it together soon. But when it comes to growing a mullet, Isaiah Jane’s beating out her sister. She’s got some serious curls going on in the back, and it’s giving us the beginnings of good pigtail/ponytail material!

7 thoughts on “By a hair.”

  1. So cute! My daughter’s hair is the opposite. It does all it’s growing up front. I constantly have to clip it back to be out of her eyes, but have yet to be able to do any sort of pony or piggie tail. *sigh*… someday… :-)

  2. That is so cute! My daughter was that way – she grew a serious mullet for years. Just in the past year or so has it started growing more evenly all around. Her little pig tails are totes adorable!!!

    1. Yes, ma’am! They’re baltic amber, from Europe. I’ve got a few posts on it, I think, but it might help to google it! My entire family wears them – husband and all five kids. They’re magic!

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