beach-bound with babies

You know we try not to make things too easy for ourselves.

This time, we’ve gone coastal.

Chris is playing a wedding at a South Carolina beach this weekend…

Come hell hurricane or high water, this family is headed for the seashore!

Hopefully, the weather will hold off. The bride’s got some serious memory-making to do! In addition, we are looking forward to sharing this weekend with the newest member of our family…Chris finally got his own Taylor guitar! He’s worked and saved and sacrificed for this moment. Boy, was I a proud wife today.

Bring it on, Irene!

Dear robbers, Hamburglar, and badguys in general…don’t get any ideas. Samson & Delilah will be holding down the fort, along with the help of Kati the super sitter.

Anyone got any tips for hotel traveling with little ones? The big boys aren’t coming and I’ll be flying solo for much of the trip… so it’s just me against the three under two. Please advise?!

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  1. Oh my goodness, you are BRAVE. Wish I had some good advice! But not really. Maybe take a lot of lollipops for Ames to keep his mouth busy…

  2. We have stayed in a hotel with our 3 little ones a couple of times but it was mainly just to sleep.

    Our kids have done really well with it so far. My son usually sleeps on a 2nd bed in the room and one time he slept on a pull out couch/bed. That was nice b/c he was sort of separated from us. He was in the same room but not right next to us. It was kind of like he had his own space.

    I’d bring games, toys, snacks… etc. It would be nice if you could go to the pool but obviously that would be difficult with all 3 kiddos and only 2 arms :) I know all about that!

    Good luck! I’m sure you will have a blast! Hopefully Irene doesn’t get too intense :)

  3. a sound machine or an ipod or iphone with a sound machine app & speakers. hotels are so LOUD! it’ll at least cushion the noise some.

    and if anyone is sleeping in pack n plays, bring your own sheets and wash them right before you leave. same with blankets & pjs. babies are so sensitive to smell. i feel like it helps anytime stay overnight someplace.

    1 of my boys is super sensitive to change of scenery & ends up laying on me all night. i hope none of yours are & you get some rest some time…even if just during the day. here’s hoping…

  4. I’ve stayed in a bunch a bunch of hotel rooms with my babe (now 18 months.) Our fams live all over, so we’re always on the road…

    Our biggest success has been…putting her in the bathroom to sleep. Ahem. It’s so quiet and dark and even tho it SEEMS like it would be terrifying, she always sleeps like a champ (in her pack ‘n play…we’re not putting blankets in the tub or anything!)

    I’d also make sure your iphone is charged/near a charger — there will be lots of sitting around in a dark room and you’ll need company! ;)

    Good luck, you’ll have a great time!!

  5. We just finished up a 3 day trip to Disneyland with our 3 under 2 too! It was not as bad as I thought it might be. We took our sound machine with us and our 22 month old slept in a pack n play and the twins in bed with us and it worked! When they stirred in the middle of the night I quickly rolled over to nurse them so as not to wake the toddler. During the day we made sure to wear them out either at the pool or at the park running around so by bedtime they were exhausted and fell asleep in minutes :) Good Luck!!!

  6. just happened on your blog and had a few snickers with your previous post. i’m an ER nurse and sometimes i wish i could record what i see and do so that i could better explain it to my husband because, well, you really just have to be there to understand it fully, right?

    about traveling, we have taken our kids to all ends of the earth…literally…bali, nicaragua, europe, el salvador…they just seem to go with the flow. they are great travelers. i have never traveled by myself with them except once with just my daughter when she was 10 months but it was just a hop from Lake Tahoe to here where i live in orange county, CA. for the plane, snacks, dv player with head phones, try to reserve a family aisle if the plane has one…hmmm. it usually ends up easier than your worst case scenario you may be anticipating.

    good luck and have fun!!

    love your blog!!

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