away from me, baby fever!

Last night, Chris agreed to try out for The Voice if I’d have another baby with him. I’m (fairly) sure we’re done, but I can’t look at photos like these without wondering what it’d be like to keep going. I know it’s the my-babies-are-one hormones talking, but c’mon! Newborns are delicious. And hard. And still delicious.

1) We’d have to get a bench seat for the Suburban.
2) Our closet would become a nursery.
3) Groceries. Clothes. College.
4) Christopher, stay away.

17 thoughts on “away from me, baby fever!”

  1. I don’t believe in paying for college: Really Junior & Senior year of HS are a waste of time (academically) . . . So 16 year olds should all have the opportunity to go to Community College & in 10 years I feel like that will definitely be an option for all if not policy.

    So there you go. Kiddos can go to trade school, community college or the military (if that is really their thang), or yk, they can get a job & we will match what they save to buy land . . . If they choose a to go on to university after any of these things, well I hope that they do well enough to get a scholarship. Otherwise they can wait until they are 24 & considered ‘independant’ (which you can hasten by getting married or joining the aforementioned military). So there you go. No big college bills, & 18 year olds that are truly ready for a stab @ adulthood. ;)You won’t be able to pay for something fancy like Medicine, Business, or Law school, those are sooooo expensive . . . And I won’t pay for my kids to live @ a 4 year Keg party. ;)Colleges charge above market for their dorm rooms and way above market for their food . . .

    I say go for it, don’t sterilize but WAIT a while. All the evidence is that women do best when babies are sprinkled throughout the lifespan. IDK the ideal spacing but it isn’t under two years. 3 under 2 & 4 under 4? is a challenge . . .

    1. Oh, you won’t get any argument from me on that! Chris & I have discussed this at length. It was just an example I gave. It’s the lifestyle, the necessities, the opportunities between now and then that have me “worried” about expanding any more!

  2. You are welcome to come by anytime and see how it feels to be past 40 weeks with only ONE toddler to look after. That might put you off for a while =)

  3. How about he tries out…and he’ll make it big (of course), so you can have all the babies you want and not have to worry with all the money he’ll be making! :)

  4. If you learn how to cure baby fever let me know. I suffer from it on an almost monthly basis now! Especially after looking at your adorable little ones.

  5. oh man, we’re kinda going through the same thing. we think we’re done…but i do kinda have baby fever! i have moments where i am so sad that we are done. but other times i think realistically…money, cloths, school, college…and i think we’re done! we can’t afford more.

    and, i just love that first picture ;)

  6. I have babies on the brain in a big way. Unfortunately, while we know we’d like to grow our family, we also know that it will happen via adoption, and right now adoption is entirely out of the budget. Boo hoo.

  7. There is nothing like having a sweet baby. I think they are the best blessings you can have. They make life worth living, and I’m sure you will agree. So I say go for it, if God blesses you with another one he will make a way for all the other stuff;)

  8. Unless of course another baby becomes some more BABIES! Can you imagine another set of twins! I think I’d die. Then it would be hilarious and exciting, then I’d die again.

    In all seriousness though, if there is anyone who could do it with love and style and grace, it’s you. I say the more the merrier!

  9. With kids as cute as yours it’s no wonder you’ve got the fever!! I only have a six month old but MAN would I love to be pregnant right now. haha. So many tiny and cute babies everywhere.

    Anyways, yeah…you totally better stay at least an arm’s length distance away from your hubs at all times…you’re the most fertile person I’ve ever heard of. ;)

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