another five.

I think it’s positively perfect that Haddie Lee turns five months old on the same day that Christopher and I celebrate five years of marriage. What a fun mash-up of dates and numbers and relationships. It’s like our family has come full circle. Hopefully, a babysitter will materialize and we’ll be able to celebrate by attending a couple of Christmas parties this weekend. We got engaged during a Christmas party, complete with ugly sweaters and a white elephant gift exchange. Chris had the entire thing rigged so that I’d draw the last number and the last gift – a ring. Exactly one year later we married, with family and friends literally surrounding us. It’s hard to believe we’ve crammed all of this life into only half a decade, and then again… it feels like we’ve been doing this forever. We function as extensions of each other. I don’t really know who I was or what I was doing before I met my husband. I’m grateful for this man and the life he’s given me. Here’s to five more. And then five more after that, forever and always.


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  1. *love* this – especially the ugly sweater photo & your expression – pure joy! my husband and i just celebrated 5 years together on december 12 (since our first date – 5 year wedding anniversary coming up in october!) – the day after I started my third trimester with our first baby. can’t believe how time flies!!!

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