One of our members had the bright idea to help us get to know each other better! With her help, we drummed up a little link-up for network members and future conference attendees. Ladies, we are so excited to watch you share with and learn from each other! If you aren’t yet a member but you want in, start here. I’m excited about combining names with faces with quirkiness in September. Although, chances are great that our big homecoming will not culminate in a hug. Not a fan, remember?

one photo of myself that I love… 

Pretty much anything from my wedding night works!

three things to help you get to know me… 

Southern when sleepy. Otherwise, you might never know.
Verbal but introverted. Let that swirl in your head for a minute.
Rule-follower with authority issues. No, wait. Let THAT swirl.

one valuable thing i’ve gained from the network…

The right kind of online community is just as life-giving as “real life” community. Therefore, it deserves just as much effort and investment. And while I’m learning what that looks like? Grace abounds.

Alright, your turn! Link up your posts here.

28 thoughts on “an INFLUENTIAL WOMEN link-up!”

  1. Rachael. I am also NOT a hugger! My friends make fun of me all the time, especially because they say I give the best hugs. :)

    And YES to all three things that help to get to know you! If nothing else, it’s nice to know I’m not alone!

  2. Oh, the swirling. I just like you, friend. And I’m glad you’re verbal, because you always add just the right words to a conversation. It’s a gift.

  3. Rachael, those last two “about me” things, SO ME! I am a body full of contradictions.

    You seriously inspired me so much at the conference last year. Your life, which I am sure requires a ton of grace, and your servant’s heart astound and encourage me. Hope to know you better this year!

  4. effort and investment in onlin community just like real life community.. love you sister. It was a blessing to sit next to you at PF Changs last year and I hope I get to chat with you again this year, I promise not to hug you :)

  5. Haha, I’m also a verbal introvert :) I love what you said about the community. It does deserve as much time and effort as a “real life” one does. I have to say that the community at IN is awesome!

  6. i totally get the verbal introvert too, and yes i agree the time and effort it takes to build real genuine online relationships as well as real life. it’s one of the most rewarding things i’ve attained. :)

  7. I am always impressed with the way you can put together words in such an insightful and witty way. I am also thankful I got to share a ride with you to and from the airport for the conference. :)

  8. yes. finally a description of myself: “rule follower with an authority issue.” This is me to a T! I hate to bend rules but also hate being told what to do. haha wow, never thought how odd that was before.

  9. 1. You’re beautiful! I already knew that, but now I know it more.

    2. You gave me too many things to swirl around. TOO many.

    3. I *might* hug you. But I give you permission to just not accept it, or to intercept and go for a HIGH 5!

  10. “Verbal but introverted. Let that swirl in your head for a minute.
    “Rule-follower with authority issues. No, wait. Let THAT swirl.”

    ^ Rachael, this is the story of my life. This must be why we’re friends!

  11. I prefer side hugs, but I can be a fake hugger if I have to be. I blame it on Christian private school and the “6 inch rule.”

  12. I love this link up! I’m glad it’s being done months in advance of the conference so we can get to know who will all be there ahead of time! Excited to put my link up on my blog!
    And I LOVE the wedding picture :)

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