a week in numbers & pictures

Over the last week, I’ve been:

1 Enjoying the beautiful weather with as much outdoor time as possible.
2 Trying to win some clogs from this giveaway. What a birthday gift, right?!
3 Eagerly anticipating closing on the farmhouse, delayed again this week.
4 Trying to figure out if these flutters are actually baby or my imagination.

Happy Monday!

9 thoughts on “a week in numbers & pictures”

  1. Thanks for sharing the picture! I’m due with #3 in July and I’m showing quite a bit already! Just started feeling flutters last week! Yay!

    1. I felt movement at 11 weeks with the twins, but I kept denying it at first. Then when we discovered it was twins, I figured it made more sense. This is a singleton and I feel like it’s so early… but some of these sensations are making it pretty obvious!

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