a rough week made light

It’s been one of those weeks, where the new renters don’t show up to sign the contract on our house and we have to put it back on the market. I have to repeatedly tell my family “just a few more weeks” until we can start spending money to get our farm house up and running. It’s been one of those weeks where my legs hurt so badly I have to plan trips up the stairs to the kids’ rooms. I find myself biting my tongue so I don’t take the pain out on any of them. It’s been one of those weeks where my gloriously momma bath time keeps getting delayed, until it’s been seven days since I washed my own hair. It’s been one of those weeks where I sign on to my Influence Network team meeting several minutes late, due to an extra-special Isaiah Jane tantrum. Forget about elaborating on any of the blog post ideas in my head, heart, and iPhone. I’m just trying to stay afloat, y’all!

 But then I read this post about kids and holidays, and it made me smile. And then I read this post about parenting little ones, and it made me smile.

And then I came across this photo on Facebook. At first, it struck me because this woman is wearing, and most likely nursing, a set of twins. But then I noticed the lady in bed in the background. I have it on good authority (okay, just my gut) that she’s actually the mama of these tiny newborns. She rests and recovers, while her friend/sister/whomever picks up the slack. In some countries, it’s common for entire villages to nurse babies, in order to keep everyone alive and well. It literally takes a village to raise a child.

What a beautiful concept… but can we also apply it to womanhood? Can I wave my white flag and admit that I need a village to get me through weeks like this? Because as introverted as I am, I need it. I need an entire village. And I’m not ashamed of it.

As I hammered out this post for the Influence blog last week, I realized the Lord was doing a number on my heart in the quietest of ways. I’ve hinted with friends and written about it here in the past, but I fully acknowledge how busy I am. I fully acknowledge how dangerous that can be, for my health and my marriage and my career and my lifestyle. I knew this year would be about prioritizing and creating more margin in my life. It’s my 2013 word, as cheesy as it sounds. When making decisions, I find myself constantly asking the question, What does this help me leverage? Does this give me more or less margin?

It seems as though in order to help me build more margin, God has brought me into a season of being influenced by my circle of influence. He delivered you folks straight to me, in the form of Internet friends and coworkers and fellow church attendees. He gave you to me and asked me to encourage you and love you well, and yet right now? All of a sudden? Now it’s your turn, and you’re doing a fantastic job. And during a week like this, I’m cashing in and soaking it up.

10 thoughts on “a rough week made light”

  1. This is so where we’re at lately. I ‘waved my white flag’ late last week and have started to let others pick up the slack. I realized that it is easy for me to live in community if that means I step in the gap and help others in need…but my pride makes it hard when community means its my turn to need the people God has placed a round me.
    I’m so glad God has placed good people in your life to help out cc during this time.

  2. Thank you for being real about your rough weeks. We’re having a lot of them around my house, so it’s encouraging to hear how yours have been made light. LOVE reading your blog so much. God has used your words to uplift me time & time again!

  3. Love this idea. I grew up on the campus of a small private school where both my parents worked and everyone was always helping each other and taking turns stepping in. We all need help, we all need loving assistance and support.
    So Random – I have been researching different carriers (we own around 8 but you know we could use some more…haha). Anyway, I was looking up slings because I am really interested in getting a sling like yours (any recommendations, silk, linen, one or two layers???) and I found this EXACT picture! Just thought I would share…

    1. Super neat about your private school experience! I’m learning to receive the support and help from unexpected places.

      Which photo, the African one above?! So neat.

  4. I kinda love that photo. African women are such pros at wearing babies. When I went to Mozambique a couple of years ago I would make them tie the babies on me because I could never recreate it like they do!

  5. I came to my end this year too. I was doing everything and physically exhausted. I was drenched in the sin of approval of others and getting stuff done for other people. I’m not saying you are, just being honest about my busyness. Anyway, physically my body started saying no. And then I verbally had to say no. It created space for me to hear God. And it changed my life. Praise God that he is kind and let’s us come to the end of ourselves and then is ready to carry us when we collapse.

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