a review – Glasses USA

pictured: “Stripes” frames c/o GlassesUSA
not pictured: makeup & tube top (don’t worry)

I’ve worn eyeglasses since I was nine years old. Less than a year into my journey, I begged my parents for contact lenses. My glasses were big and heavy, and I was self-conscious. Too young to handle contacts myself, I used to hold my eyelids open each morning as my sweet mama put in my lenses for me. These days, I wear glasses as often as possible. It means less work & irritation for my eyes, and I find glasses to be a fun outfit accessory. I’m fortunate enough to have maintained the same (blind) prescription for nearly a decade now, so I’ve been able to build up a collection by purchasing one pair per year. I’m also thankful for the marvels of modern science, as my prescription is now available in a thin(ish) lens.

When GlassesUSA.com approached me about a review, I decided to use the opportunity to look for a pair of glasses for my job as a nurse. I needed something more classic/sophisticated than my other frames, but I wanted them to be sassy enough to dress up my scrubs. The idea of purchasing something like a prescription glasses online can be nerve-wracking, but this experience felt safe & simple. The order form on their site read just like my written prescription, so I only had to fill in the blanks. The glasses arrived in less than a week, and I was able to take them in to a local shop to have them adjusted for free. I also appreciate the affordability at GlassesUSA. They run sales and coupon codes almost constantly, and I am impressed with their selection.

The smaller size of these frames has taken some getting used to, but I’m pleased overall. I’ve gotten several compliments at work, and I’m glad to have an option instead of contact lenses for three twelves in a row each week. I’ll definitely be heading back to GlassesUSA in the future. Thanks for working with me, guys!

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  1. they look great! i have always wanted glasses.. i know if i needed them i probably would not be saying this, however i always find they give people an extra edge that i like.

  2. Super cute! I ordered my first pair of glasses online last year from zennioptical.com and they are the best glasses I’ve ever had. I don’t know why I’ve been spending all that extra money to buy them from a store!

  3. So they run small? I have been forced to buy children’s glasses for years and I’m 30 so I’ve been hunting for frames that run small.

    1. They offer different frames in Small / Medium / Large. At first, this worried me. But I had all of my frames lined up beside me and I just compared measurements as I shopped.

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