a recipe: kale mashed potatoes

kale mashed potatoes
I snagged this idea from a friend via Twitter. The sisters loved it!
Everyone knows how to boil kale. Everyone knows how to slice potatoes, boil them, drain them, and then mash them with salt and butter. Everyone knows how to add the two ingredients together. So why am I sharing? Because it’s the little tricks we learn that make us successful & thrifty in the kitchen.
1. Mash the potatoes with a slosh of heavy cream.
2. To save time, make the whole batch in the morning. Refrigerate after it cools. 
3. Reheat on the stove with a bit more heavy cream.
4. Use the kale that you might not want to eat by itself… the stuff that’s on its way out.
5. Leave everything on – the potato skins, the kale stems. Whole foods, people!

Chances are, you already know and practice all of these tricks. Great! I have not always been comfortable in the kitchen, and I’m just now finding my groove. I’m always looking for ways to stretch ingredients and spend less money, while refusing to compromise on our family’s commitment to clean & healthy eating.

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  1. Add some sauteed onions next time Rachael and you have a traditional Irish dish that we have been eating for years- Colcannon! It’s our favorite!

  2. I am glad to hear that you liked it! Lauren was all over the idea when I mentioned to her that a traditional dutch meal my mom use to make for my dad was Kale potatoes and sausage, Although we normally eat it as a main side without the sausage. Also grew up with a winter meal called “Hutspot” which was a brisket served with a carrot and potato mash.

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