a new season of style




P1080397edI may not be buying new clothes for myself this year, but I’m coming out of a pregnant/postpartum fog and I’m ready to infuse some style back into my life. I’m starting to peek at friends and blogs and Pinterest, and I’m getting excited about finding pieces that make me feel fiercely feminine. It can’t all be about comfort and toddler-chasing and breastmilk drool. It can’t all be about hospital scrubs, either. I think I’ve decided that I like flowy tops and structured bottoms. I’m working on feeling good in a red lip again. I’d love to get my hands on some fun booties this winter, too. These days, the only real chance I have to experiment with my style is on a solo trip, running errands around town. The grocery store aisle has become my catwalk. At 5’2″, that’s about as good as it’ll ever get, anyway.

2 thoughts on “a new season of style”

  1. I know where you’re coming from on this one. Style as a mom sometimes feels impossible. I want to wear something cute besides my sweats and t-shirts, but once little grimy hands have rubbed their lunch leftovers down my shirt I begin to wonder why I even bother putting together an outfit :)

  2. HILARIOUS pictures. :) I can’t wait to see more! I don’t have children, but between full time work and grad school, I feel like my fashion sense has been a little… *ahem* absent lately. I’ve recently started trying to pull it together though!

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